Rom. 8:5, 6 How does life and peace sound to you right now? The key is to have the mindset of the Spirit (CSB). Our mindset is like a lens through which we see life. John Ortberg, said, “Setting your mind is like setting a thermostat; it determines the climate you live in.”

What does setting our mind on negative or sinful things produce? Anxiety, anger, conflict, etc.*

To live by the mindset of the Spirit, continually:

1. Rely on God’s Spirit Rom. 8:1-4, 14-17

We cannot have the mindset of God’s Spirit until we are born again by God’s Spirit and indwelt by him 8:9. Christ makes us righteous, free, & more than conquerors. We can live in close fellowship with God’s Spirit in us. Rely means we trust God and do what he says. In Luke 17, Jesus told ten lepers to show themselves to the priest. As they went, not as they felt, not as they understood, as they went, they were cleansed. The miracle often occurs in the obedience. God loves us. He’s for us. He’s in us. Let’s rely on God’s Spirit to help us as we do his word.

2. Receive God’s word Col. 3:1-16

God’s Spirit inspired God’s word. As we continually receive God’s word, it feeds our faith in God and helps us live in the mindset of the Spirit. 3:1 Seek is keep seeking. “Keep focusing” ISV.

3:2 What are things above, in contrast to the things on the earth?

3:5 Live like you’ve died to the sinful ways on earth of immorality & idolatry.

3:8 Put off anger, malice, & filthy language. 3:12-14 Since you are chosen & loved by God, put on the Christlike ways of kindness, humility, forgiveness, & love. These virtues should characterize us as his church. 3:16 The word of the Lord dwells richly in us as we worship him with songs based on God’s word. Continually receive by hearing, reading, singing, sharing.

3. Represent God’s Son Col. 3:17-21; 4:5, 6

Have you heard of anyone being so heavenly minded they’re no earthly good? We know what that means. But the mindset of the Spirit is how we can be of earthly good. As we continually rely on God’s Spirit to empower us & continually receive God’s word to guide us, we will continually represent Jesus in all we say & do 3:17 NLT. We represent the Lord by our fellowship with him.

“Broken relationships are the epidemic of our day. Sin alienates family members, separates friends, divides churches, and destroys marriages.”-Blackaby

God’s word is practical. It instructs us in how to represent God’s Son in our families, our churches, and in the world. When we sin, let’s be quick to repent.

“The mind is intellect with an emotional tug strong enough to determine action”-Tozer. The mindset of the Spirit desires God and his will Num. 13:27-33; 14:6-10. Caleb & Joshua had a different spirit & followed the Lord wholeheartedly. They inherited the land. Rom. 8:17 Jesus died & rose again so we could follow him and share in his inheritance. His inheritance includes life and peace.

Don’t you want to live by the mindset of the Spirit? Let’s ask God to help us, and let’s believe that he will.