The world can seem like a dark place when we see the evil and suffering caused by sin. We go through times or seasons in our individual lives that seem dark too, don’t we? Psalm 23:4. Several translations say, “darkest valley.”

God wants us to grow in the dark. As we grow in the dark, we also glow in the dark Philippians 2:12-16.

We cannot grow, & glow, in the dark, until the Lord transforms us into light Ephesians 5:8, 9. God’s Spirit convicts us of sin, breaking God’s commandments, of unbelief. And he draws us to the truth of the penalty of sin, death, and the good news of faith in Jesus and what he did for us out of love, by his death on the cross, burial and resurrection.

Have you been drawn to believe in Jesus as Lord?

How do we grow in the dark of disappointment, hurt, loss, loneliness, sickness, confusion, and doubt?

  1. Grow closer to the Lord Psalm 73:28

Asaph wrote this song out of what he saw as the prosperity of the wicked and the futility of trying to live godly Psalm 73:1-3, 16-19, 28. Our perspective is our reality. We can broaden our perspective by focusing on the Lord and the truth of his word. We grow in the dark as we grow closer to the light. The Lord is my light and salvation. To grow closer to the Lord is to grow closer to the one who is love, the comforter, helper, healer, deliverer, provider, etc. 

We grow closer to the Lord with genuine prayer Psalm 62:8. God wants us to unburden our hearts by casting all our cares on him. We must persevere in prayer with thanksgiving to receive his peace.

We grow closer to the Lord by worship Psalm 42:5, 8. Let’s not discount the power of Scripture-based songs when the way seems dark. The psalmist confessed his faith in God in a night season.

We grow closer to the Lord by listening to, and thinking on, his word 1 Peter 2:1, 2.

The key to enjoying our spiritual blessings in Christ is growing closer to him and getting to know him better.

2. Grow more like the Lord Eph. 4:14, 15 NLT

    God originally created us in his image and likeness. Sin damaged God’s image in us. Through the perfect sacrifice & ministry of Jesus, he is conforming all who are in Christ, into his likeness.

    Scripture is practical wisdom for us to live by in our relationships. We need relationships and godly fellowship to grow in Christlikeness.

    Life can be hard, and people can be mean. But God can use these experiences to help us reevaluate and adjust our priorities and our focus, to help us live by faith rather than our feelings, for us to learn and testify of God’s faithfulness, and to prepare us for further ministry, like Joseph Genesis 50:20.

    Will you ask these two questions?

    Do I trust the goodness & greatness of God? If so,

    Father, how can I grow closer to you in this?

    We can grow in the dark if we trust God, and do our part to grow closer to him, and grow more like him.